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Designer Men’s Accessories Made in Aspen USA

David is a high-end jewelry and accessories designer bringing over 25 years experience in all aspects of the industry. His special passion is men’s accessories: Cuff links, wallets, belt buckles, pens and key chains. As reflected in his product line, David is a real aviation enthusiast. His mission is to provide his clients, men in particular, a diverse line of accessories that possess a consistent aesthetic: Innovative, artistically original designs, of high quality and exceptional value.

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Men’s accessories have become an afterthought to big design houses who create boilerplate products which lack imagination, quality and variety. Accessories possessing originality and artistic merit are hard to find.
Most independent designers concentrate on a single accessory, rather than a full range of accessories. Hence, there are few accessory lines which possess a coherent ‘look’ associated with originality, quality and value. THIS is why I love what I do! 

~ David Bull